WIll Green Bay Packers Dominate the NFL North Division to the End?

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

The NHL season is underway and the divisions are super stacked with several rivalries and strong oppositions. NFC North is especially dominating with Green Bay Packers ruling the division with their iron fists. The other teams include the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. The odds are quite spaced and it is impossible not to notice who has the upper hands immediately:

NFC North NFL Team Odds
Green Bay Packers -2000
Minnesota Vikings +1000
Chicago Bears +6500
Detroit Lions +100000

The National Football Conference North Division has been quite an interesting one in the past few years. It is not your regular division where one team wins repetitively for consecutive years. The division had three separate winners in the last four years. The Green Bay Packers were able to break the deadlock when they won it twice consecutively. Now, they have extended their dominance into this season.

Does Any Other Team in NFC North Stand a Chance?

Before the start of the division, the Packers were already favourites in the group because of their great performance relative to other teams last season. It was later rumoured that their key man, Aaron Rodgers was potentially leaving the team. The news brought lower odds for the team because losing a key player meant having lower winning chances. 

With more news rumoured and confirmed by Aaron Rodgers himself, the Packers’ odds plunged and the Vikings rose to favourites. Soon enough, Rodgers came that he would be on the team at least for this season, pushing the Packers back to being heavy favourites.

They also had a relatively bad start to the season in an embarrassing defeat to the saints. The other teams failed to capitalize on the advantage by recording losses too, it kept the Packers as favourites. The Packers later went ahead on a seven-game winning streak before they suffered their second loss of the season to the Chiefs.

As it stands, the closest to the Green Bay Packers are the Vikings that have suffered five losses in the first eight games. Bears come third with six defeats in nine games while the Lions are yet to get a win in their first eight games.

From an analytical perspective, it doesn’t seem like the Green Bay Packers have oppositions in the NFC North division. They are on their way to claiming a third consecutive win of their division. 

Although the chances are low, anything could still happen as their star man, Aaron Rodgers is ruled out for Covid-19. They lost their first game without him to the Chiefs. This highlights how much the Green Bay Packers depend on their star man. It is best to hold on and watch how they perform in his absence.

Are there other Divisions with Clear Margins like NFC North?

It is no surprise that punters are always looking for clear margins like that of the Packers. It helps them to play it safe. Of all the eight divisions, there appears to only be one other with very clear and safe margins like NFC North. 

The American Football Conference South has one tyrant that is holding the top spot tight. It is none other than the Tennessee Titans. The titans suffered two defeats in their first nine games which is among the best runs this season. Their loss came against the Cardinals in their first game and the Jets in their fourth game. Since then, they have been on the winning streak refusing to suffer defeats in their next five games.

Such performance will, without a doubt, put a team in the spotlight. The other teams in their division don’t have the best of runs with the Colts in second place with five losses in nine games, Jaguars in third with six losses in eight games and the Texans in fourth place with eight losses in nine games. 

It puts the Tennessee Titans ahead with a -10000 odds in their division with the next, Indianapolis Colts, at +2000. In such a scenario, it is quite difficult to see any leader of the division other than the titans.


The Green Bay Packers are having some of the best years in their history with their recent triumphs in their division. With Aaron Rodgers on the verge of possibly leaving, will they continue to assert dominance?. Everyone would love to see how the team performs without their starman.