Lacrosse Betting Sites and Guide

Lacrosse is primarily popular in Canada and North America, and while most lacrosse leagues don’t quite rise to the same heights as other popular leagues like the NFL, NBA or MLB, the game is still very fun to watch, particularly if you’ve followed the sport for a long time, or played it yourself.

But if you’ve never placed bets on lacrosse before, you might not be sure where to start. What leagues can you bet on? What types of lacrosse bets are available, and what kind of odds can you expect? Which gambling platform can you use to bet on lacrosse?

In this guide to lacrosse betting and sites, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know to get started and place your first bet on a lacrosse match. Read on, and get more details.

Lacrosse Betting Sites in Canada 2024

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The best overall betting site for lacrosse in Canada is Sports Interaction

If you want to bet on lacrosse in Canada, the best option is Sports Interaction. As one of the oldest sportsbooks in Canada, this gambling operator has a long history and a good reputation among gamblers, and it offers bets on National Lacrosse League games, as well as a wide variety of other lacrosse leagues.

Of course, you can also bet on other top sports including the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, English Premier League, and much more. It has generous bonuses, as well, with deposit matching of up to 110% for new gamblers.

Sports Interaction is fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which regulates hundreds of online sportsbooks and casinos. It focuses on serving Canadian gamblers, and supports a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods including Interac, wire transfers, eChecks, iDebit, and more. It offers fast payouts, and with 24/7 customer service, you can always get help if you have a question about your bets or your account.

Overall, it provides a great betting experience, and with a streamlined interface, great mobile support, and fantastic live wagering features, it’s the best way to bet on lacrosse in Canada  – full stop.

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How we rate the best lacrosse betting sites

Wondering why we chose Sports Interaction as our top betting site for lacrosse? Here are a few things we look for when we rate betting sites in Canada.

  1. Range of sports, markets, and bet types – Sports Interaction has the most opportunities to bet on lacrosse, as well as plenty of betting markets and bet types for gamblers.
  2. Bonuses & promotions – We always are on the lookout for sportsbooks that offer generous promotions and bonuses for new and existing players, so this is a major factor in our rankings.
  3. Ease of banking & payouts – Even the most streamlined sportsbook is useless if you can’t deposit cash easily and withdraw your winnings, so we prioritize platforms that provide easy banking and have a history of fast payouts.
  4. Safety, security & customer support – Security and safety should be a top priority for gambling websites, so we choose platforms that use modern security technology like SSL and HTTPS. 24/7 customer support is also important, as responsive support is critical if you’re having issues with your account.
  5. Mobile support – On-the-go betting is more important than ever for gamblers, so we prefer to choose gambling platforms that offer a streamlined mobile experience, and allow you to place bets on mobile websites or an iOS/Android app.

Which lacrosse tournaments are good to bet on?

Depending on the league you follow, there are a lot of great tournaments to bet on when it comes to lacrosse. For collegiate sports, the NCAA Division I tournament is a popular option for both men and women.

The National Lacrosse League Cup, the championship from the NLL, is also a great chance to bet on high-profile lacrosse games and make parlay bets, thanks to its “best-of-three” format.

The MLL (Major League Lacrosse) plays the Steinfeld Trophy championship, a 4-team playoff between the top teams based on their regular-season record, and this is also a popular tournament to bet on.

Finally, the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) championship is the newest championship tournament in lacrosse, but is sure to be popular with gamblers in Canada.


Which tournaments/leagues are the most important in lacrosse betting?

Lacrosse has a few top leagues for betting in the US and Canada. Here’s a look at the top teams.

National Lacrosse League

The National Lacrosse League is a “box lacrosse” league spread throughout the US and Canada, with 8 teams in the US and 5 in Canada. Its games are played from December-June, unlike other box lacrosse leagues that play in the summer. Its average attendance per game is between 8,900-10,700 – making it the third most popular indoor sports league worldwide, behind only the NBA and NHL.

Major League Lacrosse

MLL (Major League Lacrosse) is a field lacrosse league that was founded in 2001, and now consists of 6 teams, with a seventh on temporary hiatus. 16 regular-season games are played between May and September before the postseason and the Steinfeld Trophy championship game.

NCAA Lacrosse

NCAA lacrosse may not be a professional league, but like NCAA basketball, it’s still very popular with gamblers in Canada and America. It has 61 Men’s lacrosse teams and 88 women’s lacrosse teams in Division I alone, so there are a lot of wagering opportunities for bettors.

Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)

Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is the newest professional field lacrosse league, and it was founded in 2019 with 6 teams, later expanded to 7. Its season runs from early June to late September, so it does not overlap with NCAA lacrosse or National Lacrosse League (NLL) games.

lacrosse ncaa
FOXBOROUGH – 28 MAY: Taylor Morgan (25) brings the ball down the field against a Loyola player at the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Lacrosse Championship game in Foxborough, Massachusetts, 28 May 2012. (Source: Mike Broglio /

Which markets are usually available for gamblers when betting online?

There are usually a few different types of betting markets available for gamblers betting on lacrosse games. Here is a quick overview of the bets you can expect to be able to make.

  • Money line bets
  • Handicap betting (spreads)
  • Total goals (over/under)
  • Prop (special) bets

The types of bets can vary depending on the sports betting platform that you choose, but the above types of bets are usually available on every major sportsbook that offers lacrosse betting.

The odds in lacrosse

Wondering how you can find the best odds in lacrosse? Usually, we recommend comparing the lines and odds available at each sportsbook, and choosing the platform that offers the most favorable odds. Odds on individual matches can vary quite a bit, so this is a great strategy to maximize your chance of winning.

Short-term bets are common in lacrosse on the outcome of games, and long-term betting is also available, for things like who will win a particular league’s championship. Let’s dive into more details about the bets and odds in lacrosse now.

The odds range in lacrosse

Like most other sports, the biggest odds ranges occur when one team is heavily favored. Money line bets are the most common in lacrosse, and a team that’s heavily favored may have a +280 money line, meaning you wager $280 to win $100. An underdog team, on the other hand, could have odds of -300, meaning you wager $100 to win $300.

In heavily imbalanced games, which do occur, it’s often best to bet on handicap or “spread” odds. This evens the odds. For example, if you bet on an underdog team with -2.5 odds, they need to win or lose by less than 2.5 for you to win the bet.

What can gamblers bet on when it comes to lacrosse?

Lacrosse typically offers bets like accumulator bets and parlays, as well as handicap bets. However, it’s usually most common to bet on the outcome of a single match, rather than multiple matches. The limitations to odds and maximum bets will vary depending on your selected betting provider.

Short-term betting in lacrosse

Short-term betting is definitely the most popular way to bet on lacrosse games. In short-term betting, you’ll place bets on a particular outcome, such as the outright winner of a match.

Depending on the league and the betting platform you’re using, you may also be able to place prop bets based on game events like blocked shots, total shots on goal, whether or not a game goes to overtime, and a few other such “special” bets. The odds are usually pretty high on these prop bets, but they can pay off big if you make the right prediction.

Long-term betting in lacrosse

Long-term betting in lacrosse usually involves placing bets that are good for a whole season – such as predicting the winner of a particular lacrosse league like the National Lacrosse League or Major League Lacrosse.

Because there are a lot of opportunities for upsets and for underdog teams to thrive within each season, placing a long-term bet gives you the chance to profit big if you place a bet on a team that’s not favored by the public.

Live betting and in-play betting in lacrosse

Most betting platforms that provide lacrosse do provide opportunities for in-play betting, such as who will lead by the half or at the end of each quarter, the team that will take the next shot on goal, and other such special bets. If you enjoy betting on live games, lacrosse is a great sport to watch.

FAQ for lacrosse betting

Is lacrosse a good sport to bet on?

With games year-round and so many different leagues to choose from, including pro leagues and collegiate games, lacrosse is a great sport to bet on.

Is there any opportunity to make a good profit within lacrosse?

Like all sports, betting lines can vary day-by-day and between sportsbooks, so savvy lacrosse experts will have plenty of opportunities to place good bets.


How do I best get started by betting in lacrosse?

If you’re not already familiar with the sport, you should start by watching games – preferably within just one major lacrosse league, such as the NLL or PLL. Reading blogs and news articles about lacrosse players is also a good way to stay on top of updates that could affect your bets.

Is lacrosse a safe and fair market to bet on?

While it’s not quite as popular as other sports like baseball or basketball, there is a good amount of action on lacrosse games, particularly in Canada, and you’ll always find fair odds.

The stars in lacrosse

Wondering which stars you should be on the lookout for when betting on lacrosse games in Canada? Here are a few of the most widely-known and influential professional lacrosse players.

Tom Schreiber

Tom Schreiber is a midfielder, and he plays for the Archers LC of the Premier Lacrosse League. Schreiber played his collegiate career at Princeton University, where he was the all-time leader in scoring from the midfield.

A #1 draft pick for the Ohio Machine in the 2014 MLL Draft, he was the league MVP in both 2016, when the Machine lost the championship, and in 2017, when they won the league championship. He played with the Toronto Rock from 2017-2020, and recently joined the Archers LC as part of the newly-launched PLL.

Lyle Thompson

Lyle Thompson is an attacker/forward who plays for the Chesapeake Bayhawks of the MLL and the Georgia Swarm of the NLL. In his NCAA career at UAlbany, he set the record for the most career Division I points and assists at 400 and 225, respectively. More recently, he won the league MVP and Championship MVP award with the Georgia Swarm, as he took them to their first-ever NLL title.

Matt Rambo

Matt Rambo plays for the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club in Glenside, Pennsylvania, of the PLL. An attacker, he was named the 2019 PLL MVP, and led the league in points and assists throughout the 2019 season. He was also elected to the PLL All-Star Game as a team captain.

Brodie Merrill

Brodie Merrill has played in the NLL and MLL and now has joined the brand-new PLL league as part of the Chaos Lacrosse Club. In the NLL, he was named Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in 2006 – and in the MLL, he won the Defensive Player Of The Year Award six times in a row from 2006-2011. A versatile defender, Merrill is one of the best players in professional lacrosse, despite his advancing age.

The best clubs and teams in lacrosse

Wondering which teams may be the best to follow if you’re betting on lacrosse? Here are a few of the top teams in North America, spread across several major lacrosse leagues.

Syracuse (NCAA)

Syracuse is widely known as having one of the best college lacrosse programs in the entire country. The men’s team is part of Division I, the highest division of collegiate play in the NCAA, and has won 15 titles, with 11 of these being in the NCAA modern era. This is second only to Johns Hopkins. Led by John Desko, the Syracuse Orange have a lifetime winning percentage of .712.

The women’s lacrosse team is equally impressive, having made it to the NCAA Final Four 7 times in the past 12 years, winning the championship twice and winning their conference 6 times.

Duke University (NCAA)

The Duke University men’s lacrosse team competes in the Division I ACC conference. Under current head coach John Danowski, they have a win rate of .762, one of the highest in the country. The team has won 3 NCAA championships since 2010.

The Duke women’s lacrosse team is also top-tier, and competes in the Division I ACC conference. Under head coach Kerstin Kimel, the team has made it to the NCAA Tournament Final Four 7 times since 1999 and has won their conference once.

Chesapeake Bayhawks (MLL)

The Chesapeake Bayhawks are based in Annapolis, Maryland, and have been part of the MLL since its inaugural 2001 season. They are the rivals of the  New York Lizards and have faced them in 5 Steinfeld Cup championship matches. Currently, the Bayhawks have the most titles of any MLL team, with 6 Steinfeld Cup championship wins, and are continuing to improve under the guidance of experienced head coach Dave Cottle.

Calgary Roughnecks (NLL)

The Calgary Roughnecks were founded in 2001, and have been a major force in the NLL since then, qualifying for the post-season every single year from 2003 to 2016. They have won a total of 3 division championships and have won the NLL Cup 3 times – once in 2004, once in 2009, and most recently in 2019.

Lacrosse Is A Unique Sport With Plenty Of Betting Opportunities

Whether you’re already a lacrosse fan and want to find new ways to enjoy your favorite sport, or you’re a veteran gambler who is just beginning to look into the world of lacrosse betting, you’re making a great choice.

With plenty of unique leagues, fast and entertaining gameplay, and a wide variety of skilled players, lacrosse is a great sport to bet on, no matter your level of experience. So take another look at the above guide, and start placing bets on your preferred betting platform right away.