Toronto Online Casinos

Online Gambling in Toronto – It Is Legal? While the 9 provinces can set laws and regulations on their own, Canada has legalized online gaming across the country. Every province issues licenses on its own, and Toronto’s breakthrough came in 2015. That’s when PlayOLG arrived in the area, providing local and licensed online gambling to […]

Vancouver Online Casinos

Online Gambling in Vancouver As mentioned earlier, British Columbia and Vancouver were quick to regulate the earliest forms of online gambling. The BC Lottery Corporation launched in 2004, making it the first online lottery provider in Canada. It sold lottery tickets over the web and gave lottery fans a chance to participate in draws […]

Saskatchewan Online Casinos 2024

Saskatchewan Gambling History The province of Saskatchewan is a treasure trove for online gamblers. The gambling industry has been evolving ever since it was made legal in the 1970s in Canada. The majority of the transformation took place during 1985 as all the ten Canadian provinces were given the freedom to make apt laws for […]

Quebec Online Casino

Quebec, Canada Gambling History We know that the gambling industry in Quebec is now flourishing due to the increase in the number of casino players over the last two to three years. However, the journey from extreme prohibition to this billion-dollar industry did not happen overnight. It took years before gambling was finally legalized for […]

Ottawa Online Casinos

Online Gambling in Ottawa – Is It Legal? As the political center of Canada, Ottawa had a large role to play in the legal part of Canadian gambling. In short terms, Canada has given provinces the right to regulate gambling activities on their own. Ottawa was one of the first to legalize the business, resulting […]

Ontario Online Casino

Overview of Ontario Online Casino Industry In April 2022, the Ontario online casino industry witnessed significant changes with the legalization of iGaming. This regulatory shift opened the market to a variety of licensed operators, providing a strong legal framework for online gambling. As of early 2024, players in Ontario have access to a diverse selection […]

Nova Scotia Online Casino

Nova Scotia Gambling History The first-ever legalization of gambling that took place in Nova Scotia, Canada was for lottery games in the year 1969 after the amendment of the Criminal Code. The authority of the lotteries was handed over to the Federal and Provincial governments. From that point on, the laws for gambling have become […]

Newfoundland Online Casino

History of Gambling in Newfoundland How shocked would you be if we told you that there aren’t any actual brick-and-mortar casinos in this Canadian province called Newfoundland? Believe it or not, even though gambling first emerged in Canada in the 1970s, there is still no sight of a single offline casino to date. What this […]

New Brunswick Online Casino

New Brunswick Gambling History Even before the Gaming Control Act and Criminal Code came into effect in New Brunswick, the province was following the 1976 New Brunswick Lotteries Act. The Lotteries Commission was in charge of organizing, conducting and regulating lottery schemes in New Brunswick. Fast forward, in 2007, new regulations were made for change […]

Montreal Online Casinos

Is Online Gambling in Montreal Legal? If you go through the complete list of online gambling regulations in Canada, you will probably lose yourself in tons of information. Luckily, you don’t have to do that. In short, online gambling in Montreal is legal. No laws prohibit it, per se. In fact, regulations prohibit unlicensed online […]