Boxing Betting Sites and Guide

Boxing is an ancient yet one of the most exciting sports globally. Really, who doesn’t like to watch two professional fighters go head-to-head against themselves to defend or win a championship belt? Today, the sport is followed by a massive fanbase worldwide who enjoy the thrills and adrenaline rush of watching their favorites get into full action inside the ring. Also, the sport offers a wide range of notable fights from various weight divisions around the year to be enjoyed by enthusiasts worldwide.

Boxing is popular in Canada – though mainly as a spectator sport. Due to the popularity of the sport and the excitement it generates worldwide, it pulls many enthusiasts in Canada who follow its global events and fights. Also, it is essential to know that the country is home to some of the most renowned boxers in history. An example is Lennox Lewis, who is regarded as the best Canadian boxer of all time. He won the gold medal for Canada in the 1988 Summer Olympics and has remained an undisputed heavyweight champion to date. Other famous Canadian names in boxing history include Jimmy McLarnin, Arturo Gatti, Bermane Stiverne, Jean-Pascal and Ryan Ford, among many others.

Today, as in other parts of the world, the boxing betting market in Canada is steadily growing as several sportsbooks are providing Canucks with the opportunity to earn real money via betting on notable fights – adding to the excitement the sport already provides.
Are you looking to start betting on boxing? No worries, you are in the right place. This guide will explain everything you need to know for successful boxing betting – from finding the right betting site and best odds to finding the best markets to bet on. Also, this guide includes the popular events to bet on, the best boxers to look out for, and answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions in boxing betting.

Boxing Betting Sites in Canada 2024

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The Best Betting Sites for Punters in Canada

The Best Betting Sites for Punters in Canada 1

Many online sportsbooks serve Canadians when it comes to placing bets on top fights. However, an essential strategy for boxing betting is choosing a licensed, safe and trustworthy betting site. This will help increase your chances of winning, protect you from fraud, and ensure that you are not betting against the country’s laws. No matter how good your boxing betting strategy is, choosing the wrong sportsbook to bet on may end up with you losing badly.

Today, even though sports betting is legal in Canada, most Canucks prefer wagering on offshore sportsbooks, as they offer more convenient betting options, markets and odds than provincial betting sites. However, the license is the most important thing to look for when looking for a betting site. An unlicensed sportsbook is a no-no when it comes to betting online.

Also, it always helps to compare several sportsbooks and then select the ones with the best odds, attractive markets, convenient payment options, supportive customer service, fantastic bonuses and promotional offers. Our homepage provides a comprehensive review and comparison of top bookmakers in Canada to help you decide what platform is best for you to wager on.

Which Events/Fights are the Most Important in Boxing Betting?

Boxing is one of the most loved sports globally, and there are notable events in its name all year round. However, unlike other sports, there are no seasons for boxing fights. Announcements for major boxing bouts can come up at almost any time, and sportsbooks set up the odds for these matches even before they are officially fixed.

The most important thing about boxing events is that major fights are sanctioned by four global sanctioning organizations, also known as the ‘big four.’ These organizations include the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and World Boxing Council (WBC) – the WBC being the most prestigious of all. Each of these organizations has the authority to award World Championship titles in various weight categories, 18 in total.

Most boxing betting sites cover the fights set up by these four organizations, and you can easily find competitive odds when a fight is coming up. The heavyweight category is the most famous fight covered by most sportsbooks – having featured the fight of the most prominent figures in the sports, including Vladimir Klitschko, Joe Fraizer, Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali. However, you can still find many boxing betting sites covering other interesting fights by quality fighters in the lower weight categories.

Apart from the championship fights endorsed by the ‘big four,’ some top sportsbooks also cover those sanctioned by other global associations, regional institutions, amateur organizations, and colleges. For instance, you can find betting sites for Olympic boxing – an amateur boxing event that takes place at the Summer Olympics every four years. Other top amateur boxing events include Pan-American Games, European Championships, World Championships, and Commonwealth games.

The Odds in Boxing Betting

The Odds in Boxing Betting

Finding the Best Odds

Like in many other sports, understanding the odds in boxing betting and finding the most lucrative ones are essential factors that determine success. The odds on a wager help you to calculate how much payout to expect if your prediction is correct. Also, they suggest what the probability of an event happening is. For instance, a wager with low odds indicates a high possibility of the outcome occurring. If you wager on a favorite boxer to beat an underdog in a match, the odds will usually be very low as the outcome is highly likely to happen. On the other hand, a wager with very high odds indicates that the outcome is unlikely – such as an underdog beating a favorite.

Odds are represented on American bookies using +/- integers such as -200 or +400 – also referred to as Moneyline odds. The favorites are given negative numbers while the underdogs carry the positive sign. British and European bookies are known for fractional and decimal odds, respectively. Decimal odds are the easiest to calculate and most common on online bookies. For instance, if you put C$100 on a wager of 1.6 odds, you must multiply both figures to get a payout of C$160. Most top sportsbooks have the option to convert the odds format to the one you are most comfortable with.

Even for the same fights, the odds in boxing can vary across different sportsbooks. Therefore, the most effective strategy in finding the best odds is to compare several boxing betting sites and choose the one with the most favorable and lucrative odds.

Also, it is essential to know that you are not only limited to placing short-term bets in boxing. That is, you don’t need to wait till when a fight is about to be held before betting. Long-term betting in boxing allows you to place wagers immediately after a bout is announced or after a press conference. In fact, most sportsbooks set up odds for fights that have only been rumored to happen – it may take months before the fight holds.

Odds Range in Boxing Betting

The odds range in boxing betting usually depends on the type of fight and sportsbook you wager on. As explained above, a wager can have big odds if the possibility of its outcome is low. For instance, betting on an underdog fighter to beat Deontay Wilder or Mike Tyson will carry high odds as the possibility of the prediction happening is low. However, this type of bet can come in handy sometimes, and you may hit the bag with them as favorites don’t always win. On the other hand, betting on a favorite to win a fight will have relatively low odds.

Moreover, some bet types, such as a future bet on a match immediately after a fight announcement, may carry more attractive odds than a regular wager.

What Can Gamblers Bet on When it Comes to Boxing?

Parlay or accumulator bets are common among sportsbooks in boxing betting. Some sites allow 1×2 bets also but know that draws are not common in boxing matches. The maximum odds you can combine and the highest amount you can wager on a boxing fight depend on your sportsbook.

Popular Markets Available to Punters in Boxing Betting

Popular Markets Available to Punters in Boxing Betting

Boxing betting may not cover as many markets as other popular sports, such as football, cricket, hockey, etc. However, there is a list of selected options available where you can make some real money with your wager. Here are the most popular markets available to punters when betting on boxing.

  • Money Line Betting

This is the simplest and most common type of boxing betting. It involves betting on the winner of the bout and getting your payout if your fighter wins.

  • Round Betting

If you want to take the money line bet a bit further, you can bet on your selected fighter to win in a precise round. This is often a lucrative bet as it usually carries high odds.

Round betting can also be an over/under bet. In this case, the sportsbook set a specific number of rounds for the fight to finish, say 6. You can bet over or under the set number as you wish and get your winnings if your prediction is correct.

Lastly, there is the round group betting where you bet on a group of rounds for a fight to finish, say between 1 to 3 rounds. This option can increase your winning chances as it has more possibilities.

  • Method of Victory Betting

As the name implies, this betting market involves predicting how a match will end. You can bet on either boxer to win by a Knockout, Technical Knockout (TKO), judges’ decision or disqualification of the other player.

  • Parlay or Accumulator Betting

This bet involves placing wagers on two or more different fights in the same betting slip. Punters often use it to multiply their odds and increase their payout rather than stick with one event. However, you must be careful with this type of bet, as a loss in one of the wagers selected is a loss of the entire slip.

It is advisable to have a level of experience with boxing betting before placing accumulator bets. Also, ensure you only accumulate like two or three bets, rather than four, five, etc., to stand a chance of winning.

Short-term Betting in Boxing

In every sport, short-term betting refers to placing bets on outcomes that will be determined within a short time, such as predicting which team will win the Champions League in football even before it starts. In boxing, it may involve betting on a fight about to hold – probably in days or within the week. This is the most common boxing betting type, as punters love to get their payouts as soon as they place wagers.

Also, short-term bettors can place their wagers rest assured about the current form of the fighter they are betting on – without the fear of injuries, disqualification or withdrawal in the long run.

Long-term Betting in Boxing

This is the opposite of short-term betting. Also referred to as future bets, long-term betting means placing wagers on outcomes that won’t be known until the future. In boxing, it may mean placing wagers on a fight immediately after the match is announced at a press conference. A future bet on a bout is often placed months before the fight happens.

The advantage of long-term boxing betting is that it usually comes with bigger potential payouts than a regular bet. Punters who wager early on a fight that will hold in the future usually see very lucrative odds compared to late bettors. Also, this kind of bet offers more thrills and excitement than regular betting.

Live betting/In-Play betting in boxing.


Live bettingIn Play betting in boxing

Live betting has become a significant trend in sports betting lately. It means betting on a sports event already underway – the opposite of pre-match betting. In boxing, live betting or in-play betting involves betting on a fight that has started already. The advantage of this type of betting is that you can already see what form a fight is taking; thus, you can place more informed wagers and make more accurate predictions – thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Live betting covers many markets in boxing betting – with the method of winning and round bets as the most rampant. Also, live betting covers many proposition bets which may not even be available in pre-match betting.

The Best Boxing Betting Sites

Due to the attention that boxing betting has garnered over the years, online betting has expanded steadily in Canada – with many sportsbooks providing odds and market options for punters to wager on notable fights and events. However, a wide range of betting sites options shouldn’t make you register with just any sportsbook that comes your way. It is essential to compare various sites before selecting the best one. Remember that your choice of a sportsbook is highly critical to your success, as you bet.

Here are the essential features to look at when looking for the best boxing sites:

  • Fully licensed with trustworthy reviews on review sites
  • Favorable and competitive odds
  • Wide range of boxing events
  • Wide range of attractive betting markets
  • Welcome bonuses for first users
  • Fantastic promotional offers for both old and new customers
  • Responsive customer service
  • In-play betting
  • Convenient and fast deposit payment options
  • Live streaming
  • Easy-to-use mobile applications or websites

FAQs on Boxing Betting

Is boxing a good sport to bet on?

Boxing features notable and interesting fights all year round – most of which are covered by top sportsbooks. Thus, you can always find attractive events and markets to bet on and earn real money.

Is there any opportunity to make a good profit within boxing?

Yes, boxing betting is full of opportunities to make a profit. The market is always busy as odds for fights are always available on top sportsbooks. Also, you can easily get the maximum value for your wagers by comparing several boxing betting sites and shopping for the best odds.

How do I best get started in boxing betting?

The best way to get started with boxing betting is to find a reputable, licensed and trustworthy website to bet on. Also, take time to learn about the notable fights, odds, markets, and best fighters in the sport, as this will help you make more informed wagers.

Is boxing a safe and fair market to bet on?

Yes, many safe sportsbooks offer fair odds and markets for boxing betting. However, it is your responsibility to find a licensed and trustworthy site to bet on. Also, the sport’s promoters are always keen on shunning corrupt practices by officials or athletes.

Biggest Stars in Boxing

Here are the most prominent fighters to look out for when betting on boxing:

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is one of the most renowned names in heavyweight boxing. He has bagged all four major heavyweight titles and won against notable figures in the sport, including the famous victory against Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 to clinch the WBA, IBO, WBO and IBF heavyweight titles. His most recent major victory was against Deontay Wilder in 2020 to retain his WBC heavyweight title.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua made himself known on the world boxing stage when he won the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics to become the Olympic Heavyweight Champion. He has since stepped up into professional boxing and won various international titles. The Heavyweight champion has held the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles twice in his career – three of the four major belts. Presently, he is ranked the number 2 world’s best active heavyweight globally by The Ring Magazine.

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields is a professional Middleweight boxer and undoubtedly one of the best in the sport. According to the Ring and BoxRec, she is currently ranked as the world’s best active female light middleweight – having held the undisputed female middleweight title since 2019. In her years of fighting, the 25-year-old has put up many great fights against other champions and is the only one to hold all four major female titles at a time in two weight divisions.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is an Irish professional lightweight boxer and is currently ranked only behind Claressa Shields as the second world-best female boxer globally. One of her most outstanding achievements is winning a gold medal at the Women’s Championship five consecutive times. She is presently the undisputed lightweight champion – holding all four major female lightweight boxing titles simultaneously.