The rise of another Brazilian super squad in the final straight?

The rise of another Brazilian super squad in the final straight?

The Brazilian scene, like the European one, has been in quite a deep hole for a long time. Except sometimes not badly doing FURIA it’s hard to find there any positive. Everything indicates, however, that soon there will be another super squad, which will aim to restore glory to the Brazilian CS.

According to DRAFT5 we should see another ambitious project on the Brazilian scene. Soon, under the working name “Last Dance”, a lineup of five players very well known on the world stage will begin their performances. The collective is expected to present itself as follows:

  • Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo
  • Ricardo “boltz” Prass
  • Fernando “fer” Alvarenga
  • Lincoln “fnx” Lau
  • Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo

Interestingly, VINI was previously linked with Liquid. However, most likely the transfer will not take place due to the interest of the American organization in another player, as we mentioned in one of the previous texts.

Another Brazilian team will also undergo changes. We are of course talking about 00Nation. The hopes for this team were high, but it must be admitted that they have not been completely fulfilled. The team did not advance to the Major and was a big disappointment for many fans. So no one should be surprised that they decide to make changes. According to TheEnemy portal, 00Nation will be joined by none other than Marcelo “coldzera” David, who will apparently return to his homeland after more than two years of wandering around Europe.

As you can see, Brazilian CS is still in disarray and attempts to form something more permanent are still ongoing. Will they be successful in 2022? We will find out in the coming months.