NBA Betting Tips: Who Can Emerge as the 2022 NBA Rookie Of the Year?

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The 2022 NBA season is fast underway and the different NBA teams are securing their spots on the championship tables, giving their best shot at gold. Amidst the hassle to win the championship, there are also other prestigious individual trophies to be won. Among the most competitive awards in the NBA rookie of the year award.

It is not too early in the season to start looking at the prospects for the award in this 2022 season. The tables are drawn and there are odds for the favourites at hand. 

Who is the 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year Prospects?

The Detroit golden boy, Cade Cunningham started as the undisputed favourite to win the award with a +250 before the start of the season. Many say he deserved the top spot because he was selected as first overall on his team. However, his top spot favourite position was short-lived after the young star picked up an ankle injury in the training camp. The sprained ankle made him miss a couple of games.

Being a close award with so many competitors and potentials, a couple of other top rookies have made it to the top of the list, based on being more active. NBA rookie of the year is a highly competitive one and a slight injury or inactivity could dethrone you from being the favourite.

Now we have the young star from Cleveland Cavaliers, Evan Mobley being the most favoured for the rookie of the year award. Cade Cunningham dropped to a +450 because of the injury. Between him and Mobly are two other youngsters, Houston Rockets Jalen Green and Toronto Raptors Scottie Barnes. 

With each of the youngsters putting up great performances in their respective teams, it is safe to say we have about four solid Rookie of the Year contenders. Although it is quite early in the season to solidify the claims, these stars are proving that they are the real deal.

Which Teams Produce the Most Rookie of the Year Candidates?

From an analysis perspective, some NBA teams tend to produce more rookie of the year winners. Holding the record is none other than the Golden State Warriors who have produced up to six winners of the award. They bred the likes of Wood Sauldsberry, Chris Webber, WIlt CHamberlain, Mitch Richmond, Rick Barry, and Jamaal Wilkes who all have the same award in common.

In the earlier years of the NBA, the Warriors were nothing you could regard as a top team. They had poor championship runs and ended up close to the bottom of the table most times. It is one major fact that contributed to the high density of first-rate players in their team.

Next to them are Trail Blazers with four Rookie of the Year winners over the years. Levelled at the number three spot, we have tied teams like 76ers, Bulls, Suns, Pistons, Knicks, Celtics and Wizards jointly producing three rookies of the year award winners. If Cade Cunningham can level up to claim the award this year then we could potentially see the Detroit Pistons move up to the number two spot with four award winners.

What Position Wins More Rookie of the Year Awards?

The position played by the youngsters tells a lot about their winning potential. Since the establishment of the ward, the most wins come from point guards. The position has produced up to nineteen rookies of the year winners. Point guards tend to have good dribbling and passing ability which easily puts them in the spotlight.

The shooting guard has produced the lowest number of rookie of the year award winners, bringing only seven winners since the beginning of the award. Small forward produced sixteen winners while power forward and center jointly produced fifteen. Relating this quick analysis to the Rookie of the Year award would help you narrow down your picks to the actual potential winners.

Wrap Up

The rookie of the year award remains one of the most anticipated NBA awards every year. Punters also see it as a great opportunity to stake on potential winners. However, since it is an individual award, injuries and other factors have a significant say on potential winners making it quite unpredictable. However, not to instill any fear, you have the favourites now, give it a shot!