Can Lakers Equal the All-Time Record At This Pace

LA Lakers

We all saw the fantastic Los Angeles Lakers lift the trophy back in 2020. While many punters who predicted this were happy, little do they know that this team is close to an all-time record. 

The 2020 win was their 16th championship win in the 74 years of club history. It put them only one behind the Boston Celtics who are the team with the most championship wins. In 75 years of club history, the Celtics have been able to claim the championship for a record time of 17 times.

However, we are on the verge of witnessing history unfold right before our eyes in this championship season. 

Do Los Angeles Lakers Have A Chance This Season?

Apart from the sentiments of the team being close to making history, do they have a shot at it? Let’s take a look at the odds for the top favourites:

NBA Team Odds
Brooklyn Nets +250
Los Angeles Lakers +500
Milwaukee Bucks +700
Utah Jazz +1000
Golden State Warriors +1100

With eleven games into the season, the Lakers are placed as second-favourites to clinch the trophy in the 2022 championship. This shows that they stand a chance at being a potential winner. Above them are the Nets who have no championship wins in their history. 

From an analysis perspective, things are in the Lakers’ favour because of their club history. The record holders, Celtics, had their record in 74 years of club history. Seeing the Lakers on the verge of claiming it as their club ages to the same number of years is a good analytical perspective. 

How About Last Championship Winners?

You can’t help but notice the last championship winners, Milwaukee Bucks as the third favourite. The Bucks claimed their second ever NBA championship back in the 2021 season so it puts them on the radar. So far in the season, the Bucks haven’t had the best of starts. They suffered six losses in their first ten games.

However, from experience in NBA competition, poor starts occur and they have the potential of putting up a fight. Their four wins came against the likes of Nets and Heats who are very formidable opponents in the division. Besides, Bucks have always been known for their slow starts and there is a real belief that they would rise very soon. 

Is there a tendency of having a first-time winner this season?

While first-time winners are highly underrated by both fans and bettors, we cannot but notice Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz this season. The Jazz had a good start to the season, suffering only three close losses in their first ten games. This is one of their best starts to a season and they are in second place behind Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference.

A further dive into their history reveals them as the top two teams with the most appearances without a championship. Phoenix Suns have thirty playoff appearances in their fifty-three years of club history and never for once have they clinched the championship. This is despite them reaching the finals three times. Suns were very close to winning a championship in the 2021 season. Sadly, all their hopes were dashed in the finals as the Milwaukee Bucks triumphed over them.

Utah Jazz is second behind Suns in number of playoff appearances without a championship win. In their forty-seven years of history, they’ve appeared twenty-eight times which puts them over the likves of Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and others.

Suns and Jazz are the most favoured teams without a championship gold. They earned themselves a competitive spot with their great starts to the 2022 season. 

Since Phoenix Suns made it to the 2021 NBA championship finals, it put them in the spotlight and there is a tendency that they replicate that success. Who knows, maybe this time, they can triumph in the finals.


The 2022 NBA championship appears to be in an unpredictable beginning stage. If you are looking to place long-term bets, you may need to have some patience. There are so many potential favourites for the trophy and the only solution is to wait a bit and watch how the season unfolds.