Baseball Betting Sites and Guide 2023

Although baseball has always been known mainly for its fame in America as the country's national sport, it is undeniable that the sport has gained some stance on the global scale over the years. Baseball may not be as hyped as other major sports such as football, hockey, cricket, basketball, etc. However, it is played by several nations, and its major events draw a massive following worldwide. Today, the sport is fast expanding globally as new notable leagues are emerging from Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and some Latin countries. The Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most prestigious baseball event in North America and one of the most lucrative leagues in the world. It consists of thirty franchises – 29 are located in the US and the remaining one in Canada.

You’d agree that baseball isn’t as popular in Canada as ice hockey, American football, basketball, etc. In fact, Canada only has one team in the MLB. However, there are many Canucks who love the sport and are die-hard enthusiasts. This is partly a result of the recent proud performances of the Toronto Blue Jays – Canada’s only MLB team. Today, the sport offers endless betting opportunities to Canucks, mainly through the MLB and many of its other notable leagues and events. Many top sportsbooks in Canada cover these events and offer attractive

odds for them – allowing punters in the country to earn real money from the sport while also getting entertained. Whether you are a beginner or regular punter, this guide will explore everything you need to know for successful baseball betting in Canada – ranging from finding the best sportsbooks, odds and market to knowing popular leagues to bet on, different bet types, best teams and best players to look out for.

Baseball Betting Sites in Canada 2023

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The Best Betting Sites for Punters in Canada

The Best Betting Sites for Punters in Canada

Due to the opportunity baseball betting provides and the attention it has gathered lately, there is a wide range of sportsbooks in Canada where people can wager on it. However, a common mistake usually committed by many punters and you should avoid is jumping on the first baseball betting site that comes your way. Choosing the right sportsbook is vital to your baseball betting success. Therefore, ensure you look for licensed, secured, and trustworthy baseball betting sites.

It always helps to compare various sportsbooks and choose the one with the most lucrative odds, a wide range of baseball events, attractive markets, quality customer service, promo offers and convenient payment options. You can refer to our homepage to see a comprehensive review and comparison of the top sportsbooks in Canada to help you make a well-read decision.

Which Leagues are the Most Important in Baseball Betting?

Knowing what leagues to wager on in baseball betting is one of the fundamental criteria determining success. The most renowned and most suitable baseball league to bet on in Canada is the Major league Baseball (MLB).


Not only is Major League Baseball the highest level of professional baseball globally, but it also holds the record as the sports league with the highest total season attendance in the world. Established in 1903, the league was created by the cooperation of two major American baseball leagues – the National League (NL) and the American League (AL) – acting as separate organizations. However, in 2002, both organizations merged into a single entity and have remained so since. Today, the MLB consists of 30 teams equally split into the NL and AL – 29 of the teams are from the US and one from Canada. Each MLB season is usually held between April and October, featuring 162 matches played six days per week. A postseason tournament known as the World series follows in early November – played between the champions from AL and NL to determine the world champion of the season.

The MLB features more matches than any league on the planet, thus providing a wide range of betting opportunities for punters. According to studies, most sports wagers from Canada are placed on the MLB.

Which Leagues are the Most Important in Baseball Betting?

Which Leagues are the Most Important in Baseball Betting

Although the MLB is the most prominent league Baseball, other notable leagues from other parts of the world also pique the interest of top baseball betting sites. Here are some other significant global leagues in baseball betting.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

This Japanese professional baseball league is considered the most prominent baseball tournament after the MLB. This is primarily true, considering the massive popularity of baseball in Japan. Created in 1950, this league was formed by merging two leagues – the Central League and Pacific League – each having six teams. Like the MLB, the champions from both leagues meet in what is known as the Japan Series to compete for the final championship. This league features 146 games in total and is covered by many top sportsbooks – thus, providing tremendous betting opportunities.

Mexican League Baseball (MLB)

One of the major baseball leagues globally, the MLB was created in 1925 and presently has 16 teams. It consists of two divisions – the North and South divisions – which compete for the final championship title of the league known as Serie Del Rey. Many popular sportsbooks cover this league with competitive odds. Thus, it serves as a betting opportunity for punters.

Korean Baseball Organization

The KBO is the highest level of professional baseball in Korea. Created in 1982, the league features ten teams competing in the Korean Baseball Series in a total of 144 games. Though not as widely as other major leagues, the KBO is covered by top sportsbooks focused on baseball betting, and you can bet on it.

The Odds in Baseball Betting

Finding the Best Odds

Like other sports, understanding the odds in baseball betting is vital to winning. Sportsbooks set these odds to show how much you can win with a bet. For instance, wagering C$100 on an outcome with 2.5 odds means you’ll get 100 X 2.5, which equals C$250 as the payout. Apart from decimals, odds can also be represented in +/- numbers such as -115 and +100 – often referred to as Moneyline or American odds. There are also British odds which are usually represented by fractions.

Odds also show how high the possibility of an outcome happening is. For instance, a wager with low odds means a high probability of the outcome happening and vice versa. Therefore, you can expect the odds of the favorite team winning a baseball match to be low and the odds of an underdog winning to be very high.

Odds vary with different sportsbooks – even for the same games. Therefore, the best way to find the best odds is by comparing various baseball betting sites and choosing the one with the most favorable and lucrative odds.

Also, betting on baseball is not restricted to placing only short-term wagers on one-time matches. You can also opt for long-term betting as they are also common and productive. We’ll explain this better as you read on.

Odds Range in Baseball Betting

The odds range in boxing betting mostly depends on the type of match you are betting on. Usually, wagers with highly likely outcomes such as a favorite team beating an underdog have low odds and vice versa. For regular matches, odds can range between -115 for the favorites and +120 for the underdog. This means you will win C$ 100 with C$115 when you bet on the favorite, and you win C$120 with a C$100 bet placed on the underdog.

You’ll likely find bigger odds for matches between heavy favorites and major underdogs – like -200 for the favorite and +150 for the underdog.

What Can Gamblers Bet on When it Comes to Baseball?

Most sportsbooks allow you to place regular bets on baseball matches – ranging from 1×2 and system bets to accumulator and parlay bets. The boxing betting site determines the maximum combined odds, odds limitations, and the maximum amount you can bet.

Popular Markets Available to Punters in Baseball Betting

Popular Markets Available to Punters in Baseball Betting

Due to the steady expansion of baseball betting globally, you can find a wide range of markets to bet on in the sport. Here are the most popular bet types you can place on baseball:

  • Moneyline Bets

This is the most common and straightforward baseball betting type. It involves betting on either of the teams involved in a match to win.

  • Runline Bets

This is a type of handicap bet. It involves betting on either of the teams to win or lose a match but with a certain number of points. Most sportsbooks usually set the handicap at 1.5. The favorite team is usually handicapped at -1.5; it has to win by two goals or more and vice versa for the underdog.

  • Over/Under Bets

This involves predicting the number of runs scored in a match. The sportsbook will set a value for the total runs in the game, say 8.5, and you have to bet whether the total runs that will be scored will be above or below the set number.

  • Parlay Bets

These are also known as accumulator bets. Parlay betting involves placing wagers on more than two baseball matches on the same betting slip – often used by punters to increase their potential winnings. However, it is risky as losing one of the bets means losing the entire betting slip.

  • First Five Innings

If you don’t want to bet on a whole baseball match, you can bet on its first five innings. This bet type involves betting on the team that will win the first half.

  • Prop Bets

Proposition betting is prevalent in most sports. It involves betting on a range of events to happen during a game. In baseball betting, a prop bet may include predicting if there will be extra innings, which team will be first or last to score and the number of hits in a match.

Short-term Betting in Baseball

As the name implies, short-term betting involves betting on an outcome that will be determined quickly, such as betting on a one-time baseball match and getting the results the same day or betting on a small group of matches. Most baseball betting markets fall under this category. Many punters love this bet type as they get to know the result and get their payouts in no time. Also, it allows bettors to place system and accumulator bets.

Long-term Betting in Baseball

Also known as future betting, long-term betting is the opposite of short-term betting. It involves placing wagers on outcomes that will be known in the future, such as predicting the winner of a league division, winner of the MLB World series or whether a team will make the playoffs. Future bets also involve predicting which player will win which award at the end of a tournament. All these bets are usually placed from the beginning of a tournament or even before it starts.

Future bets have high odds and payout amounts because they are made very early and difficult to predict rightly. Also, they are usually more exciting and thrilling than regular bets.

Live betting/In-Play betting in Baseball.

Live bettingIn Play betting in Baseball. 1

Live/In-play betting has become one of the most popular terms in betting lately. This option allows you to bet on a baseball match when it is already ongoing instead of being limited to only pre-match bets. This can significantly increase your chances of winning as you tend to make more informed wagers when you see how a match progresses before making predictions.

Live baseball betting covers many markets, including unique proposition bets, such as the total number of strikeouts, hits or who will win the next innings.

The Best Baseball Betting Sites

Baseball betting has grown broadly across Canada over the years; therefore, it is only expected that there will be a wide range of options available to choose from for punters. However, you must pay extra care when selecting a baseball betting site. Don’t just go with any site that comes your way. Instead, compare various betting sites and choose the one with the best offers and services.

To help your decision, we have put together a list of essential features to look for in a betting site. A good baseball betting must:

  • Be licensed and have great reviews
  • Cover a wide range of baseball leagues and events
  • Have favorable odds and markets
  • Offer welcome bonuses
  • Offer promos to both existing and new users
  • Have fantastic customer service
  • Have hassle-free and quick deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Feature in-play betting and live streaming
  • Have a website or mobile app with an excellent interface

FAQs on Baseball Betting

Do you have questions? Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on baseball betting.

Is Baseball a good sport to bet on?

Yes, the sport features a high number of matches in notable leagues more than any sport, thus providing a wide range of options. Many top sportsbooks cover these matches, so you can easily shop for the best odds.

Is there any opportunity to make a good profit within Baseball?

Baseball has the highest percentage of underdog wins among every other major sport. This, combined with the plethora of matches available to bet on, makes baseball betting one of the sports bets with the most profit-making opportunities.

How do I best get started in baseball betting?

The first step is finding a trustworthy, legit and safe baseball betting site. Also, ensure you understand the bet types, markets, major leagues to bet on and follow baseball news for proper analyses of matches players and teams.

Is Baseball a safe and fair market to bet on?

Yes, punters in Canada can easily find fair odds and attractive markets to bet from top sportsbooks. Also, the sport’s major leagues are well regulated, and there haven’t been any major corruption cases such as match-fixing over the years. However, make sure you choose a licensed and secured baseball site to be safe.

Biggest Stars in Baseball

Here are the most prominent baseball stars to look out for when betting on the sport:

Mike Trout

As a baseball fan, Mike Trout is the first name that will likely come to mind when asked who the best baseball player is. Mike Trout plays for the Los Angeles Angels in the American League MLB and has won the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) title thrice. In 2019, he recorded 11 stolen bases, 104 RBIs, an overall on-base percentage of .438 and 45 home runs in 124 games. Even though the superstar sustained a calf strain injury in the 2021 season, he’s expected to be back stronger soon.

Shohei Ohtani

In 2021, Shohei Ohtani put up one of the best outstanding performances in the history of Baseball baseball. The 28-year-old nicknamed ‘showtime’ plays for the Los Angeles Angels in the MLB won the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in 2021 – the most prestigious award in the American League. He also won the American League Player of the Month twice the same year, among many others. The 2021 season has been his best yet with a record of 26 steals, 100 RBIs, eight triples, 46 homers and a .965 OPS as a hitter.

Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts finished top of the list in the 2020 MLB season. As the right fielder, he plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB. Betts has put up several outstanding performances in his career and won many achievements, including winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP), Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, and World Series in 2018, a record-breaking performance to say the least.

Corbin Burnes

Corbin Burnes plays for the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League, MLB. The 28-year-old has one of the best performances in the 2021 season – winning the National League title for the team since 1982. He also has a fantastic record of 2.43 ERA, 12.6 K/9, and 1.63 FIP in the same season – making him one of the best baseball players to look out for in 2022.

The Biggest Baseball Teams in the World

New York Yankees


The New York Yankees are the undisputed number one baseball team globally. The team was established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles, and the name was changed to New York Yankees in 1913. The New York Yankees have won the World Series 27 times out of the 40 they participated in – the highest record held by any team in the MLB. Since its creation, the team has been home to some of the greatest players in baseball, such as Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra and Babe Ruth.


Boston Red Sox

boston red soxCreated as Red Stockings in 1901 and renamed Red Sox in 1908, the team is one of the most prominent teams in the MLB and has been a major rival to the New York Yankees. They have played in the World Series thirteen times and have won the championship nine times. Also, they have clinched 14 American League pennants and 10 Eastern Division titles.


Los Angeles Dodgers

DodgersCreated in 1883, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a West Division National League team in the MLB. They have qualified for the World Series 20 times and clinched the title 6 times. Also, they have won the National League pennants 23 times, and the West Division titles 17 times.


St. Louis Cardinals

st louis cardinalsThe St. Louis Cardinals is a National League (NL) Central Division MLB franchise established in 1883. They have won the World Series title 11 times, and they hold the record as the MLB that has been in most final matches. Also, they have won 19 National League pennants and the Central Division title 13 times.